Excellent Waltham Vanguard 16s with up/down wind indicator

Excellent condition Waltham Vanguard 23J 16s w/ up/down wind indicator.  Gold filled case marked Waltham Keystone J Boss 10 k Gold Filled. Movement is flawless. Marked Waltham Vanguard 23 Jewels. No dial chips, no hairlines, no case brassing. Serial number 26560940.  A quality watch and a fine addition to any collection.


The watch is in excellent condition.

See pictures to assure yourself it is a quality watch.

Price £ 825 (contact rcorfield863@gmail.com}

Unusual 18th Century Verge Pocket Watch by Thomas Beckett of Durham dated 1776!

The hallmark dates this watch to 1776, the year of the American Declaration of Independence. This is consistent with the years the watchmaker worked from c.1743 to about 1819. The maker is Thomas Beckett of Durham. The watch is in very fine condition. It features an inner sleeve to protect the movement and a glass cover over the balance. This is very unusual. The only flaws are some minor dial damage and damage to the button. All in all this is a spectacular verge. It has just been cleaned and serviced.

Price £450 (p&p £10 uk £35 overseas) posted special delivery.

Very Good Condition Waltham Crescent Street 21 Jewel pocket watch with up/down winding indicator

Very good condition Waltham Crescent Street pocket watch with up/down winding condition. Overall condition is excellent. The only flaw is some hairlines on the dial at 12 position and between 1 and 2 (see pictures). These hairlines are cleanable. The serial number is 22001372. The case and movement are in excellent condition. The case is marked Waltham Premier Keystone J Boss 10k Gold Fille. It is in excellent condition. The movement is in perfect condition and is marked Crescent St. Waltham Mass. 21J adjusted 5 positions. An excellent collectors watch.

Price £995

P&P 8.95 UK Special Delivery, £35 International

Contact rcorfield863@gmail.com

NEW! Exquisite Verge Pocket Watch

Exquisite condition verge pocket watch. Unnamed but lovely condition throughout. Has a capital S date mark. Running very strongly. I can’t find any flaws with this watch. I am very proud to offer it for sale. I think the hallmark is very 1833 but suspect it could be later. Please examine the hallmark closely and tell me what you think at rcorfield863@gmail.com. Price a very reasonable £295.

Exquisite Half Hunter Silver Pocket Watch Samuel Yeomans. Chester

Exquisite Half Hunter Silver Pocket Watch Samuel Yeomans. Chester. Normally I hesitate to use the word mint, since to me that means it has its original box and papers. This watch has neither. On the other hand this watch has NO FLAWS (apart from some very minor surface scratches). This watch is hallmarked Chester 1898 and was made by Samuel Yeomans.

I cannot over emphasise how beautiful this watch is.

Price ££250 (contact rcorfield863@gmail.com)

Excellent Condition Verge Pocket Watch Ja Burton Whitehaven w Silver Chain & fob

Excellent Condition Verge Pocket Watch Ja Burton Whitehaven with Silver Chain. Case marked WR. Date letter is a q in a shield.  This dates to 1814 , which is earlier than I thought but as you can see from the photo the mark is quite clear. All hallmarks match on both cases. Anchor mark is Birmingham. The watch has a diamond end stone which makes it particularly nice.

The chain is marked for Chester. The date letter is a curley D and dates from either 1729 or 1904. My guess is that it is the latter. The hallmarks are not clear however.
The fob is marked k in a box shape. Hence 1909. It is also marked Mayday 1910 Victor Campbell.
All in all a very nice package for the discerning collector.
Price £425 (contact: rcorfield@gmail.com)

Excellent Silver Verge Pocket Watch George III. Signed Jas Wilson, London.

Excellent Silver Verge Pocket Watch George III. Signed Jas Wilson, London. Silver hallmarked 1819 (the year before George III died). Case Signed SB (Samuel Brookes, 1818-1819) Currently running well  Very nice addition to any collection.

1819 was the year of the Peterloo massacre, the brutal suppression of a demonstration in Manchester. Many regard that as a pivotal moment in British political and social life. Price 350 (paypal only please). Contact rcorfield863@gmail.com.

I’m back!

Well, goodness what an effort that was! Two years in hospital and then trying to pick up where I left off. The good news is that evenlode collectables is back and I will be populating the site with lots of goodies over the next few days and weeks. Please check back often to see new collectables being brought to you from the heart of Oxfordshire. It is good to be back! Best wishes, Richard Corfield

New Masonic Vintage Watches Added Today – 23 August 2017

We are pleased to announce that the workshop has just produced several of our popular masonic pocket watches. As, always the movements have been cleaned and serviced and the dials designed and manufactured in-house.




Evenlode Collectables’ Forthcoming Watch Auctions at The Swan Tetsworth

We are delighted to announce that we will be collaborating with Eric Knowles, Paul Hayes and Tom Keane (stars of BBC’S PUT YOUR MONEY WITH YOUR MOUTH IS) with a series of forthcoming auctions of fine and collectable pocket and wristwatches.

We expect the first sale to be in the autumn so do check back for more information.

Richard Corfield (scientist, writer, broadcaster and owner of Evenlode Collectables) of course has already featured at the Swan during a 2013 episode of David Dickinson’s Real Deal. It is a great pleasure to be going back there on a more permanent basis.

Evenlode Collectables  will also be taking a cabinet there for the display of some of our finest timepieces.