Antique Waltham Hunting Cased Pocket Watch w/ Cartlidge Family Crest dial – £125

A 16 size (case diameter 50mm) Waltham Hunting Cased Pocket Watch. The dial is a Limited Edition Evenlode Collectables original dial with the Cartlidge Family Crest. This dial has been hand-crafted in our workshops and is finished to a very high standard (see pictures). All our dials are measured, constructed and fitted by hand (each movement is slightly different). The case is a lovely ALD (Aaron L Dennison) Gold Filled case.  It is made of two plates of  gold and a middle layer of composition (brass).  Please note: This is a vintage watch fitted with a bespoke dial. All our watches are checked and, if necessary, cleaned and oiled before they leave Evenlode Collectables. PLEASE NOTE: WE ALSO MAKE DIALS TO ORDER. PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU ARE INTERESTED. resized_20151227_093030 resized_20151227_093039 resized_20151227_093049 resized_20151227_093108 resized_20151227_093114 resized_20151227_093126 resized_20151227_093131 resized_20151227_093136 resized_20151227_093153 resized_20151227_093159 resized_20151227_093218 resized_20151227_093230 resized_20151227_093419 resized_20151227_093436 resized_20151227_093455