Antique Waltham Silver Hunting Cased Pocket Watch w/ Leonardo da Vinci dial – £269

A 16 size (case diameter 50mm) Waltham Solid Silver Hunting Cased Pocket Watch. The dial is a Limited Edition Evenlode Collectables original with a Leonardo da Vinci theme (the Vitruvian Man and the Mona Lisa). This dial has been hand-crafted in our workshops and is finished to a very high standard (see pictures). It is made of plastic (not paper!) and is stronger and more durable than an enamel dial. All our dials are measured, constructed and fitted by hand (each movement is slightly different). The case is a lovely ALD (Aaron L Dennison) Silver case.  Also included in this package is a slid silver Victorian Albert Chain and Edwardian silver pencil holder complete with pencil. Please note: This is a vintage watch fitted with a bespoke dial. All our watches are checked and, if necessary, cleaned and oiled before they leave Evenlode Collectables. PLEASE NOTE: WE ALSO MAKE DIALS TO ORDER. WE WILL NEED A HIGH RESOLUTION IMAGE OF YOUR SUBJECT  (RELATIVE, PET ETC). PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU ARE INTERESTED.
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